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Whenever you are in need of translation, transcription or localization services, rest assured that your project is in good hands. The EC has delivered over 3000 communication projects of varying sizes since the EC-communication™ services were first offered in 2008. We currently serve more than 60 regular clients and a number of drop-in clients on an annual basis.




EC-communication™ is the communication arm of The Export Connection (EC). The EC is a small consultancy firm which has been providing internationalization and support services since 2005, to micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MMSE) wanting to do business in the European and U.S. markets.

The services delivered through EC-communication™ were initially offered in conjunction with the company's internationalization services with the help of freelance translators. The communication services quickly became a success, however, as our clients continued to request the communication services independent of their market development projects and new clients requested the services as a result of word of mouth. Three years later, in 2012, it was therefore decided to establish EC-communication™ as an own brand, with its own home on the web.

The EC is not a translation agency and is not ISO certified. The EC-communication™ services are delivered by a network of qualified and experienced freelance translators who work either directly with end clients and/or for end clients through professional translation agencies. None of the translators are certified or sworn, but all have one or more university degrees in combination with many years work experience.

There are many benefits to using the EC-communication™ services and we'll be happy to discuss how the services will benefit you. A few of the benefits are already provided below:

  • Access to experienced and qualified native freelancers
  • Customized communication projects
  • Quality deliverables on time
  • Projects at freelance prices
  • Confidentiality


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