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Welcome to The Export Connection on the Internet. Before you start using our site we would like to put to your attention that it is in our interest that you do not feel your information is compromised on our account when you access our site. We would therefore like to inform you about our privacy policy and our content disclaimer. If you do not agree with the information provided below, please do not access our site.

Content Disclaimer

The information we present on our site is provided for information purposes only and is presented 'as is' without warranties of any kind. The information is of a general nature and a consultant will need to be contacted for professional advice on a subject matter.

Although we take appropriate measures to maintain the security of your data on our site we can not guarantee, due to the nature of the Internet and electronic communications, that our site will be free of errors or omissions, remains uninterrupted during the visit, or free of viruses. We do not take responsibility for any material or immaterial damage incurred during a visit to our site.

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Privacy Statement

Information Collection and Purpose

For our own statistical, marketing and servicing purposes, the EC site will collect information about user site activity and on user service requests. The information is collected indirectly through a cookie where information remains in our database without any direct connection to the user or directly when you submit information for the purpose of acquiring information on our services.

Time Duration for Information Storage

The information is only stored within a time frame of necessity. Indirect information as such will regularly be deleted after being analyzed for the purpose of improving the site. Information directly submitted, like queries or comments will be kept for as short a period as needed to act on and implement. If we need the information for a particular purpose or need to keep it for a longer period of time (unless required by law) we will request permission from the user.

The Extent of Third Party Access to the Information

We do not sell or share information about our users to external interests. The information we obtain will only be shared within the scope and for practical reasons of each request or project. For example, a request for information on the Austrian market will be shared with the country consultant and related parties for the purpose of obtaining the requested information. If we need to share the information with an outside entity for any stated reason (except when required by law) we will request permission from the user.

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