The bulk of the translation projects handled through the EC-communication™ services are to and from the Scandinavian languages, English and German (see list below). However, the network stretches much further and can accomodate other language pairs as well.

  • Danish
  • English
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish


Whereas all translators handle translations within a multitude of categories, most EC-translation™ projects fall within the topics listed below:

  • Marketing material
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Brochures
  • e-learning courses
  • User manuals
  • Technical manuals

In addition we cover travel and tourism, medical and dental equipment, automotive and software.


Most conventional formats are supported, like MS Word and MS Excel 2007 or later and PDF. Other formats upon request.

TM Management

Even though most of the translators use different types of translation (CAT) tools, the terminology on a project remains intact through the use of a TM export function (*.tmx). In other words, your TM can be applied across different platforms.

Certified Translations

Certified translations are only provided as an exception. None of the regular translators in the network are certified or sworn translators.